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Ownership of this Website

The purpose of the present Conditions (hereafter referred to as LEGAL NOTICE) is to regulate the use of this Website belonging to Josep Maria Jubells Francitorra (hereafter referred to as the OWNER). Please take the trouble to read them carefully.

This website is the property of Josep Maria Jubells Francitorra, with ID 39282319K and whose address is Carrer Madrazo, 97 àtic 1a – 08006 Barcelona.

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Use of this website confers the condition of USER on whosoever does so (hereafter referred to as the USER) and entails the full, express and unreserved acceptance of all the terms and conditions of use, including those contained in this LEGAL NOTICE. The period of use of this website commences from the moment at which the USER is connected to the same. Thus, the USER should pay close attention to this LEGAL NOTICE on each and every occasion on which he or she enters the website, since this site and its conditions of use set out in the present LEGAL NOTICE may be subject to modifications.

Intellectual and industrial rights

All the contents of this website, understood as those being merely by way of example, the texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, links and any other audiovisual and sound contents, as well as the graphic design (hereafter referred to as the “Contents”), are the intellectual property of the OWNER or of third parties duly authorized for their inclusion in the website, without any of the rights to the use of the said website being understood as granted to the USER above and beyond those strictly necessary for the correct use of the site.

The trademarks, brands, commercial names or distinctive signs are the property of the OWNER or third parties, without access to the Website being understood as conferring any right to the aforementioned trademarks, brands, commercial names or distinctive signs.

Website conditions of use

On the use

The USER is obliged to make correct use of the website in accordance with the Law and the current LEGAL NOTICE. The USER is liable before the COMPANY or before third parties for any damages that may be caused as a consequence of the failure to comply with this obligation.

It is strictly forbidden to make use of the website for any detrimental or prejudicial purpose that may affect the assets or interests of the OWNER or third parties, or that which in any other way may overload, damage or render inoperative the networks, servers and other hardware, products or software belonging to the COMPANY or third parties.

On the contents

The USER pledges to use the Contents in accordance with the Law and the current LEGAL NOTICE, as well as the other conditions, regulations and instructions, wherever applicable as being in accordance with that set out above in Section 1.
By way of example, in accordance with the current legislation the USER should abstain from:

  • Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available, communicating publicly, transforming or modifying the Contents, except in those case duly authorized by law or expressly granted by the OWNER, or whosoever may hold the ownership of the rights of use, should this be the case.
  • Reproducing or copying for private use those Contents that may be regarded as software or databases in accordance with the current legislation governing intellectual property, as likewise the public communication of the same or making them otherwise available to third parties, should such action necessarily imply the reproduction by the USER or by any other third party.
  • Extracting and/or reusing the entirety or any substantial part of the Contents of the website, including the databases that the OWNER may provide to the USERS.

On Forms and data collection

All the information made available to the USER by means of web forms for the purposes stated above or any other purpose must be true. To this end, the USER guarantees the authenticity of all the data that he or she may provide, as well as ensuring that the information provided to the OWNER is regularly updated in a manner that always accurately reflects the real situation of the said USER. In any event, the USER is solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements that he or she may provide, as well as any damage that may thereby be incurred by the OWNER or by third parties as the result of such information.

The USER pledges to guard in a responsible manner any identifying and contact data (USER-key) for accessing the services provided by the website, and likewise undertakes neither to disclose such data nor allow access to the same by third parties. The USER shall therefore be responsible for any damage arising from the improper use of the said data.

Exclusion of responsibility

On the information

Access to the website does in no way oblige the OWNER to ensure the veracity, accuracy, adaptation, suitability, completeness or topicality of the data provided through the said site. The contents of this website are of are general nature and in no way constitute the provision of any type of advice or consultancy.

The OWNER is responsible neither for decisions made on the basis of the information provided on the website nor for any damage that may be incurred by the USER or third parties arising from activity the sole basis of which is the information obtained on the said website.

On the services

Access to the website does in no way oblige the OWNER to be responsible for protection against computer viruses or any other infected programme or software on the website. The USER is responsible for providing the appropriate tools for the detection and disinfection of such malware.

The OWNER is not responsible for any damage that may be incurred by the informatic devices belonging to the USER and third parties during the use of the services available on the website.

The establishment of links does not imply any relation between the OWNER and the owners of websites that may be involved in such links.

On the availability of the Web

Access to the website requires third-party services and provisions, including the transport across the network of communications, the reliability, quality, continuity and functioning of which are not the responsibility of the OWNER. Thus, the services provided via the website may be subject to suspension or cancellation and may also be rendered inaccessible to the USER. USUARIS.

The OWNER shall not be liable for damage of any kind that may be incurred by the USER as a result of errors or disconnections of the network that lead to the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the service on the website during the use of the same or prior to such use.

The OWNER disclaims any responsibility arising from any claims and damages, including the payment of any legal fees involving third-party complaints or lawsuits arising from the failure of the USER to comply with the conditions of our LEGAL NOTICE, Privacy Policy or likewise any failure to abide by the current legislation.

Protection of personal data

By means of his website, Josep Maria Jubells Francitorra provides the USERS with the contact forms whereby the interested parties may furnish us with their personal data and curricula for the purpose of administrating their queries or requests for information regarding employment opportunities and other services provided by Josep Maria Jubells Francitorra.

By means of this channel of communication, the USER providing his or her personal data expressly accepts the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy (further information available on consultation), and likewise guarantees the authenticity of the said data.

Josep Maria Jubells Francitorra undertakes to store any personal data received from the USERS through the website in complete secrecy, in addition to guaranteeing the confidentiality of this data and adopting the technical measures required for preventing any alteration, loss or improper use of such data as well as safeguarding against any unauthorized access to the same. Likewise, this data shall neither be granted nor released to any third parties without the express authorization of the owners. Access to this data will only be granted to third-party companies if their intervention is required to satisfy any request we may have received.

Cookies Policy

For further information, see our Cookies Policy.

Persons under the age of 14

This website is NOT aimed at persons below 14 years of age. Therefore, such persons shall refrain from providing any information of a personal nature.

Applicable legislation

The current LEGAL NOTICE and its consequences are in all cases governed by the pertinent Spanish legislation current at the time.

Should any discrepancy or differences between the parties arise, they shall be referred to Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.